Love, Leftist Style

I am no fan of Geraldo Rivera—in fact, since I avoid the sewer that is popular culture, I have only a vague and unpleasant notion of his notoriety. But he’s apparently  in hot water with the mindless masses for this innocuous and even sensible analysis of the shootings in Orlando (presuming they happened as Our Rulers claim, despite mounting evidence that the whole thing may be yet another false flag):

When you’re in that situation and you have no weapons you have two choices. If you can’t hide and you can’t run there’s only two choices – you stay and die or you fight…For God’s sake, fight back. Fight back. There’s a hundred [sic] people that he murdered with one weapon that he reloaded.

Ah, but then what use would the State’s “first responders” be? And think of the independence and autonomy if Americans reverted to the formerly universal reflex of defending themselves! Why, they’d invalidate much of the premise for Leviathan. And we can’t have that.

With their god threatened even this remotely, Progressives are unleashing all the hatred-sorry, love in their benighted little souls:

Actor, painter and musician John Lurie posted a series of tweets about Rivera’s comments. ‘Someone slap Geraldo Rivera in the face,’ wrote Lurie.

Aaaaccckkkk! I need a “safe space,” quick, before this incitement to violence triggers my anxieties!

He then added: ‘I believe the only solution to save this world is love towards one another, except toward Geraldo Rivera. No love for Geraldo. If all of the hate groups focused their hate on one man – the world would be a safer, better place – let that man be Geraldo Rivera.’

You’d think poor Rivera had bombed innocent folks in Afghanistan or lied about a private server for official emails instead of urging men to act like men. Oh, wait… Hmmm…

Then there’s this from “Media Matters for America, a left-leaning media watchdog. ‘The appalling notion that the victims of senseless violence bear the responsibility of preventing crimes committed against them has long lurked in the US conservative media,’ said Tim Johnson the organization’s guns and public safety program director.”

Yeah, far better to wait for “first responders,” even if it costs 50 people their lives.

(Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.)


2:32 pm on June 15, 2016