Liberalism: Origins and Corruption

Recently I posted a blog at LRC concerning Conservatism: Roots and Essence. Here is a brief follow up exercise in the historical and ideological background of Liberalism. As with Conservatism there are innumerable works over the past several hundred years tracing the origins of the idea of Liberalism, the spread of the idea, the shifting redefinition or devolution of Liberalism, and the dire consequences of Modern Liberalism as a political ideology. Here are several outstanding resources for LRC supporters to consult. Besides the late great Ralph Raico (featured in the above Mises Institute lecture) and in this magnificent series — History: The Struggle of Liberty — there are two other exemplary experts on this subject: David M Hart, formerly of the Liberty Fund and independent scholar George H. Smith (here is a great discussion of Smith’s The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalismwhich gives you a flavor of this landmark volume and its delectable contents).


4:03 pm on June 7, 2017