Laura Ingraham to Marjorie Taylor Greene: Shut Up About Secession (2.22.23)

Hilarious how the New Populist/Nationalist champions of the working classes–underneath it all and in the very end when they show their real faces–still end up on the same side as National Review and Mr. Meghan McCain: no matter how hard the boot of government stomps on our faces, don’t you dare mention or allude to the S word. Sure, the ballot box is suspect, but that only means we need to double down all the more in using or manipulating it just like the Democrats! It’s all now about saving Illinois and New York from the J. B. Pritzkers and Kathy Hochuls (despite their popularity in their respective states) and banning TikTok is just the first step!


1:26 am on February 23, 2023