Koch Foundation Funded the Bogus, Dishonest, Thoroughly-Discredited Imperial College Study . . .

. . . that was used to “justify” the worldwide lockdowns, including in the U.S. by the U.S. government.  The lockdowns are being used to “justify” what wealthy European socialists are calling a “great reset,” a eupemism for the abolition of economic freedom in favor of worldwide central planning of the Soviet variety (with themselves in control).  Now, Koch-Funded Tyler Cowen (possibly the biggest recipient of Koch grants of any scholar) is trashing the Great Barrington Declaration by hundreds of epidemiologists all around the world that criticizes the lockdowns.  Cowen goes full totalitarian in his Bloomberg article in which he warns against “dangerous” libertarianism.

Does Charles Koch think Biden is going to win?  Is his boy Cowen angling for a job in the Biden administration or at least a seat at one of the Biden Great Reset committees?


9:59 am on October 19, 2020