Killing Assange

It seems like they are doing it now. His current condition conforms with after-effects of enhanced interrogations. Thank you, Chemical Gina. What US interrogators wanted, and apparently received, were secret passphrases used in Wikileaks encryption and virtual private networking, along with times and dates, that can now be researched in massive NSA databases, in order to track down other people involved for more enhanced interrogation, and charges.  We’ve already seen the re-arrest of Manning, and other arrests globally relating to Wikileaks.  Subsequent to its treatment of Assange, now that the US has filed multiple charges under the Espionage Act against Assange and intends to try him him what would be a somewhat public court in Virginia, the state may be realizing that this strategy will expose the prosecutors, the interrogators, the military and the Espionage Act itself to criticism and judicial review.  It’s a lousy case for them — made worse by their access and use of a BZ variant on Assange to get additional information they plan to use in the trial.  This case stinks of manufactured evidence, bureaucratic hubris, government lies and violates any semblance of what we think of as the US Constitution or good old American values.  Latest word I have is that our government (and that of our 5 eyes allies) is currently interrupting and interdicting funding Assange’s legal defense against the current/expanded charges.  This comports with my assessment that the legal case against him in the US is on shaky grounds, and will cause blowback against the US government if the trial progresses with Assange present and with effective representation.


1:46 am on May 30, 2019