Jay-Z’s Sexists-and-Misogynists-for-Hillary Rally

After numerous White house appearances the foul-mouthed blabberer (a.k.a. “rapper”) who calls himself “Jay-Z” held a rally for Hitlery in which he repeatedly used the f-bomb and N-word.  “I aint fu***n’ with you.  You crazy a** bi***” he crooned last night in Cleveland.  Mr. Z is famous for his vulgar, caveman, woman-hating-and-demeaning “lyrics” such as in his “song” named “The Power of P-U-S-S-Y.”  “Three things niggas love,” raps Mr. Z, are “money, pussy, and drugs.”  (Is this really such a good message for black youth–or anyone else– that it deserves to be highlighted at a White House concert and at presidential campaign rallies?).

This has apparently become the last-minute Clinton campaign theme since the Clinton Crime Family is so terrified that the black vote will not be nearly as high as it was four years ago.  That’s why Obama is out there insulting largely black crowds by telling them that if Trump is elected he will support and be supported by the KKK.  (You know, the guys responsible for the murder of all those hundreds, or thousands, of black people each year in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Newark, etc.).

Mr. Z said he wants his daughter to grow up in a country with a woman president. Doesn’t matter what kind of woman — Hillary Clinton, Lizzie Borden, whoever.  As long as it’s a woman.

Trump’s response to this:  “We don’t need Jay-Z to fill up arenas,” he said today.



6:23 am on November 5, 2016