Javier Milei Elected President of Argentina

Amazing result, but don’t expect much.  As The Wall Street Journal avers, he’ll face lots of headwinds from the usual suspects:

…labor unions, social movements, and the powerful left-leaning political forces in congress, the biggest bloc in that body, and in provincial and municipal governments. It means that Milei, a self-described anarcho-capitalist who became known to millions through TikTok and YouTube but had no entrenched movement of his own, will have to rely on a coalition with centrist and conservative political factions who would likely moderate his more radical proposals.

It left out the U.S. national security state, which helped drag its Marxist-Leninist pal Lula over the finish line in Brazil.  And then this, which is hardly a surprise:

Milei won despite heavy state spending on promoting Massa, whose face was plastered onto fliers and posters on buildings and roadsides around the country, while Milei mostly campaigned on social media.

In some ways it’s worse with a “victory” like this because if he completely fails in his fight against the hydra with a thousand heads (very likely), then the state/state-media/progressive spin is, “Well, there you go.  This proves that libertarian ideas don’t work.  Milei only won because we had a bad economy because we didn’t spend and inflate and micro-manage enough.”  That’s why liberty revolutions should always be peaceful secessions from the grassroots up.  You kill a bad tree from the roots, not by climbing to the top and sawing from there on down.  Did you hear that, MAGA?


1:49 am on November 20, 2023