AI ChatBot Admits Virologists Don’t Conduct Valid Scientific Experiments

What happens when Mike Stone of corners AI ChatBot GPT to admit it is wrong?

In this fascinating Master Class of Understanding the Basics of the Scientific Method & Logic Mike helps the AI Bot understand that virologists have NEVER had a Valid Independent Variable (an actual virus with which to begin their investigations) and why this is THE required starting point for a proper scientific controlled study.

In Mike’s own words on why a properly controlled experiment MUST have ONE Independent Variable.:

“I chose to focus on the independent variable (IV) as it is fundamental to scientific work.

It is the presumed cause of the effect that was observed in order to establish the hypothesis that is in need of testing through experimentation.

Without the IV, there is no hypothesis and nothing to test.

The IV must actually exist and be able to be varied and manipulated throughout experimentation in order to see what effects it may have, if any, on the dependent variable (DV), i.e. the effect.

It cannot be the end-result or a creation of the experiment.”

Mike then goes further to show how 3 Scientific Variables all work together to demonstrate an experiment as valid – or not.

At the end:

“We started off with a situation where ChatBot believed that the unpurified fluids of a sick host were considered the independent variable in a cell culture experiment. 

“This line of thought accurately reflects what virologists are led to believe. 

“[…] we ended up in agreement that the proper controls would consist of using the fluids of a healthy host treated exactly as those from the sick host, something which is never done in virology experiments.

“We agreed that the cytopathogenic effect [where cells die] was not specific to any “virus” and that it can be caused by numerous other factors, thus making it an invalid assumption that a “virus” was the cause if the IV is not identified prior to experimentation.

This is a fascinating exchange where Mike provides a deep education to AI every reader will find very valuable.

Thank you Mike Stone!

A Must Read. Highly Recommended.

Please find it HERE.


10:56 am on November 18, 2023