January 6 Reprise

Leo Higgins saw the piece about the rally in the District of Criminals on January 6 and informed me of a website devoted to the logistics. Need a ride or looking to converge with a caravan? How about a hotel room? Maps? It’s all here

Mr. Higgins also accurately diagnoses what’s happening to us:

[The rally is] way bigger than just Trump at this point. If we lose this, we lose everything, and not just here, but worldwide, pole-to-pole.   For all of our warts and sins, the US is the only remaining wall preventing the total and immediate implementation of the Great Reset and its attendant satellite projects.  And that’s not because of our politicians – obviously! –

Sorry: I couldn’t help snorting.

but our people, who have the implicit veto power of the 2nd Amendment.  When that goes, it’s over. …

He’s posted the paragraphs below wherever he can in an effort to push patriots towards the rally. I’m sure he won’t mind your borrowing his words if it will convince your friends and family to join in this battle of a lifetime:

The Dems flat-out stole a national election, and more than a few state-wide elections. If that stands, there is nothing to prevent them from doing this in 2022. By 2024, there will not BE an election, save, perhaps, one in the old Soviet style. The rally will, if nothing else, give clear signal to them that we are onto their game, and will not tolerate that. If, regardless, nothing is done by Congress, then we will have given fair warning on January 6 that we will withdraw our “consent of the governed,” without which they have nothing over us. In their rigging elections, we have lost the “our” in our government; in the Supreme Court shirking its duty out of sheer cowardice, we have lost any remaining safeguard to our republic being based on the consent of the governed. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT at that point! You, we, have nothing left to lose! I will be no one’s slave! That, alone, is motivation sufficient to propel me to DC and take my place in the crowd!

They may have been words put in his mouth, but William Wallace, in the movie Braveheart, is made to say this before the Battle of Falkirk: “Aye, fight, and you may die. Run, and you’ll live. At least a while. And dying in yours beds, many years from now, would you be willing, to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance, JUST ONE CHANCE!, to come back here and say to our enemies, ‘You may take our lives, BUT YOU’LL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!’” I’d like to hear someone repeat that sentiment on January 6th, at the Capitol building in Washington, DC. I hope you’ll join me when someone in a position to lead says those words! Or you can live as a slave, if you’re one of the mere 1 billion worldwide who are allowed to live at all! You think you’re one of THOSE people? Bear up, get up, and SHOW UP on the 6th! And get everyone you know to come with you!

If that doesn’t do it, bring out the big guns:

It is a necessary civic duty for every able-bodied person who cares about the American way of life to be present to surround the Capitol on the 6th of January and provide “motivation” for the Congresscritters to do the right thing. I’m going, and have convinced three others, who have each, in turn, persuaded 2-5 more people. That’s 15 people at my instigation! And this is in Massachusetts!  I have a chance to find more people to go when I attend a post-Christmas party on Sunday.

Look. We need 5 million people – or more – to show up in DC on the 6th.  That will be 4 times the record number at a rally or protest in DC’s history.  But it can be done!  There are 119 million people who live within a 500 mile radius of DC.  That’s an 8 or 9 hour drive.  Many millions more live within 1000 miles of DC;  that is still just an all-day drive away.  Don’t want to drive?  Well, here in the northeast corridor, there’s Amtrak.  That’s my choice!  I’m taking Train 67 down, and Train 66 back, both trips at night, and expect to get at least a little sleep each way.

If we can’t come up with 5 million out of that mass of people with easy transportation options, then we are truly doomed, and will have to live with ourselves as the “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” that Thomas Paine held in derision.  We MUST show-up in overwhelming numbers to demonstrate to both the Marxist Democrats and feckless Republicans that we will NOT subscribe willingly to their connivance in the destruction of our culture, their schemes for redistributionism, the abolition of all personal rights in their openly-advocated “Great Reset,” and the massive, openly produced fraud in this election to get them to these goals!  We need people to stand there and make it clear that the people in the Capitol building AREN’T LEAVING until they fix this problem!

 If YOU let this travesty go down unchallenged, and they have a clear path to steamroll us with their agenda, destroying the 2nd Amendment along the way, then be prepared for an escorting to a brick wall, or, at a minimum, many mandatory “struggle sessions” at a reeducation camp somewhere most unpleasant!  Get there on the 6th of January!  Do it for your children and grandchildren!  DO it!  Do it NOW! 

When I wrote Abducting Arnold, I imagined my heroine’s excitement, fear, uncertainty, wonderment and joy at fighting for freedom. She says at the end of the novel, “I wouldn’t have missed our Revolution for anything.”

I may be wrong, but it seems to me the Lord is giving all of us the chance I gave Clem Shippen: to defend His celestial gift. This isn’t a battle I want to miss! Alas, I was born too late for the Boston Tea Party—but I can still stick my finger in Leviathan’s eye at this rally. And as our Second American Revolution barrels onward, I’ll fight until either I or Marxism, with all its tyranny and corrupting of our once glorious country, is dead. 

So head for DC on January 6, not only for what you can do for liberty and your fellow patriots, but for what you will do for yourself. So many of you write that you’re beaten down, discouraged, lonely, hopeless. Can you imagine anything more thrilling than marching with 4,999,999 folks who despise the despots as much as we do and who mean to live free of them?!!!!!



3:31 pm on December 28, 2020