Italian NGO Threatens to “Storm” Austrian Border With North African “Refugees”

Totally ignored (of course) by US “news” media, the Italian Refugee Authority – an “aid” group (Hilfsorganisation) – threatens to send thousands of refugees plucked from the Mediterranean on trains headed for the Austrian border.

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has ascertained that the initiative does not have the support of the Italian government. He stated forcefully that Austria “would not be threatened” – especially by a Roman NGO (“Non-Governmental Organization”).

Günther Plattner, Governor of Tirol, which is the target of the NGO’s threatened invasion, supported Sobotka’s firm denunciation of the threat. “We cannot with open eyes welcome a new catastrophe like that of 2015,” he said.

[In 2015, the EU was inundated with millions of Islamic refugees, over 90% of them young able-bodied men. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel celebrated the invasion, Austria was stuck with thousands of refugees that Merkel refused to allow to proceed into Germany.]


9:07 am on July 16, 2017