Deep State “Fake News” Coup d’état

Why is it that Sean Hannity (whom I used to despise for his savage attacks on presidential candidate Ron Paul and support for the Bush administrations’ illegal wars of aggression), Tucker Carlson (who was almost always fair in his coverage of Ron Paul but did support the preemptive unconstitutional invasion of Iraq), and Lou Dobbs (who was an early warning signal concerning illegal immigration and the clandestine North American Union partnership of the US, Mexico, and Canada) are virtually the only trustworthy voices on TV, and all on FOX News which I have virulently hated since its inception by Roger Aisles and Rupert Murdoch decades ago? 

FOX News, like all corporate media outlets is ratings and profits driven. How much is all this a decision at the top echelon of FOX News to institute product differentiation from media competitors and make FOX the “Uncola” of broadcasting, or how much of it is genuine, independent, truth-driven investigative reporting by these three men and their production staffs, regardless of what the big boys in the board room want?  The demographics and ratings for FOX News has escalated while those for CNN and MSNBC have fallen through the floor. Will Fox News cave while the ratings and profits soar, or will covert deep state pressures get to them too? All the while Infowars, Breitbart, and Drudge patiently bide their time, watching lumbering dinosaurs like CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweekand MSNBC trip and stumble into irrelevance and extinction.

Ancient history quiz: How many of you remember when Lou Dobbs was the super star anchor at CNN?

5:14 am on July 16, 2017