Israel Cracks Down on The Menace of Peace

The neocons’ favorite Republican president, the mentally-unhinged warmonger Teddy Roosevelt, once warned the nation about what he called “the menace of peace.”  (He changed his opinion late in life after one of his sons was shot down and killed in a WWI “dog fight.”).  A news article today reports on how Our Ally in the Middle East is cracking down on the menace of peace by restricting the activities of pro-peace nonprofit groups.  “Activists” who are critical of Netanyahu’s foreign policy who work near the legislature must wear special scarlett letter-style tags, among other things.  Israeli critics of the new law call it a “muzzling law” that would create a “thought police.”  Exactly. They can learn a lot by studying the thought police on virtually any American college campus.

How will all those bums and losers in the Israeli government — and all other governments — keep and expand their pay, perks, privileges, budgets, and careers if they cannot keep the public in a constant state of fear?  Flashing a peace sign in front of these psychopaths is like flashing a Christian cross in front of Dracula.


4:40 pm on December 28, 2015