Lying Neocon War Propagandist of the Week

There’s always a lot of competition for the title of “Lying Neocon War Propagandist.”  I would like to nominate for this week’s award, one George Will.  In the course of a long-winded hissy fit over Donald Trump’s political success to date published in Jewish World Review, Will goes berserk over Trump’s intransigence over the neocon agenda of starting a war with Russia.  Smoke must have been coming out of his ears when he quoted Trump as saying that the U.S. government has killed a lot of people, too, referring to all of the government’s endless military interventions in the Middle East, after being told of the alleged killing of journalists in Russia.

George Will responded to this by saying:  “Putin kills journalists, the U.S. kills terrorists.”  Will is not stupid; he cannot possibly believe that all deaths in the Middle East caused by U.S. military intervention over the past quarter of a century have been of “terrorists.”  There are numerous sources of the civilian death count there, and it is safe to say that Donald Trump is right and George Will is  wrong: The civilian death count is in the hundreds of thousands.  This includes at least 200 journalists such as Tareq Ayoub, who was killed on April 3, 2003 when a U.S. warplane bombed the Al Jazeera offices in Baghdad.  And of course the U.S. military also bombs hospitals, as the entire world learned a few months ago. (Thanks to Chris C. for info on the bombing of the Al Jazeera offices).

And by the way, there is obviously no evidence that Putin ordered the murder of journalists.  ABC News  “journalist” (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!)  George Stephanopoulos repeated this latest neocon talking point in an interview with Trump.  When Trump asked him for proof, he had NONE).  This doesn’t prove that Putin did not order the murder of journalists, something the U.S. government has done hundreds of times, but it does prove what a liar and establishment shill George Stephanopoulos is.


5:35 pm on December 28, 2015