Is Voting Incompatible With Libertarianism?

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Here are some readings on voting:

Pro: Block, 2012, 2018; Block and Fryzek, 2015; Rothbard, 1972A, 1972B; Spooner, 1870;

con: McElroy, 2013; Watner, 2000

Block, Walter E. 2012. Yes to Ron Paul and Liberty. New York: Ishi Press;;;

Block, Walter E. 2018. “Voting; rejoinder to Casey, McElroy, Ward, Pugsley, Konkin and Barnett.” Political Dialogues: Journal of Political Theory; pp. 23-38;

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McElroy, Wendy. 2013. “The Faux Slavery Analogy to Voting.” July 31;

criticizes Walter E. Block

Watner, Carl. 2000. “Is Voting an Act of Violence?” April, The Voluntaryist. No. 103;

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