International Socialism and Freedom’s Complete Destruction

The socialists among us are advocating freedom’s and America’s complete destruction, even if they do not come right out and say so. Some may know this, others may not. None admit it openly.

They want big change. Elizabeth Warren writes: “I’m fired up for big, structural change—let’s do this!” The word “structural” is a tip-off that the socialists mean to transform America.

Believe it or not, the socialists running for office come off as so ignorant of economic cause and effect that they do not even understand that they’ll kill the capitalism goose that lays the golden eggs.

The socialists are internationalists. They want complete open borders that allow unlimited immigration to America from anywhere in the world. Neither governments at all levels nor Americans could cope with or control the resulting problems. America as we know it would disappear under an invasion of people, new politics, financial stress, higher taxes, inflation, slums, crime, gangs, disease, pollution, overcrowding and new laws. Nothing would remain the same.

Socialists want everyone to have the vote, including all immigrants, none of whom would be illegal. Socialists advocate extending the welfare state by Medicare for All or single-payer, free college, housing benefits, and laws favoring labor. This set of giveaways combined with unlimited immigration and voting bankrupts taxpayers.

Unlimited immigration combined with an unlimited welfare state cause much higher taxes and inflation. These destabilize America by creating deep conflicts and deep economic distress. The economic system breaks down.

Democracy (everyone votes on anything) combined with unlimited immigration and the big government of the welfare state shatters freedom, property rights and capitalism, causing widespread economic distress and lower standards of living. This leads to drastic political changes, just as drastic political changes lead to drastic economic changes.

In addition, American socialists like Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren advocate centralization of power and complete economic control by government in order to institute destructive policies like the Green New Deal and alterations in corporations, which they hate.

They and other Democratic candidates also advocate destructive racial and social justice policies. These are on top of the destruction caused by erasing borders and turning America into an international haven for anyone. These are on top of the destruction caused by expanding the welfare state. The racial, equality and social justice themes are designed to capture and lull the class of naive voters who want to think of themselves as moral and virtuous. The immigration issue is being used similarly.

It all leads in one direction: freedom’s complete destruction. America is already suffering from decades of misrule that have moved us along the path of freedom’s destruction. The socialists want to take us to that path’s destination.

Socialists love smokescreens to hide the truth of what they advocate. This is the meaning of their anti-Trump charges, such as that his speech will cause violence done to members of Congress, that they need protection, and that “The president put millions of Americans in danger last night. His rhetoric is endangering lots of people.” Or this: He’s “trying to open wounds, trying to make people hate each other.” These kinds of statements are tools of the socialist trade. What cannot be hidden is that what socialists are really advocating is their power and our destruction.


8:13 am on July 19, 2019