Incandescent Prohibition

The thieving creeps called government continue banning all cheap, warm, incandescent light bulbs in favor of expensive, cold, dangerous Algore lamps. Thank goodness companies can still sell their current stocks, and we can buy them. I have a bunch of these bulbs, and am getting more. They also make great Christmas gifts, with a subtle anti-state message.

Sylvania 60 Watt – 24 Pack;
GE Soft White 100 Watt – 48 pack;
GE Reveal 100 Watt – 48 pack;
Sylvania Daylight 40 Watt – 4 pack;
GE Crystal Clear 40 Watt Candelabra Base 12 – pack;
GE 3-way 30/70/100 Soft White 12-pack.

UPDATE from Eric Liebman:

Thanks for the great light bulb reminder post.

By the way, I always like to remind people that the mercury lights are Bush Bulbs. And 19 Republican Senators voted for the bill in 2007. (I have inexplicably heard Republicans call the CFL’s “Obama Bulbs.”) I am stocking up on the incandescents, too; better than the harsh light of the mercury bombs on sale now.


1:51 pm on December 18, 2013