Implication of Humanized Mice from 14 Week Fetal Tissue

The U.S. through HHS and the National Institute of Health uses taxes to pay for university research that uses fetal tissue from abortions. This is a multi-million dollar enterprise.

One facet of it is to graft the human tissue onto mice, producing so-called “humanized mice”. These are used in experiments, such as to test HIV remedies.

The tissues come from fetuses aborted in two ranges of time, as reported in the linked article: 20-24 weeks and 18-24 weeks.

This tells us that the fetus is sufficiently human at 18 weeks to be able to lend human characteristics to the mice. This means that the U.S. and the scientists implicitly accept as fact that a fetus at 18 weeks is a human being, which is more than being a nascent human being. Their acceptance of this fact by their revealed behavior can and should be used by anti-abortion advocates as an argument against abortions being done at 18 weeks or after.

My argument is that the U.S. government and the scientists themselves are revealing that they are using tissues that are the results of taking human life. Otherwise, they could not produce humanized mice.

This time can be pushed further toward inception. Scientists at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill use fetal tissue from 14 to 19 week pregnancies to make humanized mice. Perhaps others will find that even earlier tissue is being used to transfer human properties. But 14 week tissue means that scientists are implicitly accepting as fact that a 14 week fetus is human, human enough to qualify for their tests and sometimes subsidies funded by taxes.

If a fetus at 14 weeks or more is human as is silently being admitted, this provides concrete support, based upon the criterion of the right to life of any human being, for abortions being illegal at 14 weeks or beyond, because they take a human being’s life.


12:22 pm on March 2, 2019

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