“If They Mean to Have a War, Let It Begin Here”

Rick in Oregon has

notice[d], in general, … that the media wants to put anyone who cares about liberty into a small box and convince them that their views are irrelevant and weak.

Here’s the problem: We are the majority, not the fringe minority. We’re not underdogs, all government authority is derived from the individual, regardless of his political persuasion. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook et al, and the media, are peddling a lie – that it is their view that is the prevailing view. 

But if that were so, it would be completely unnecessary to censor anyone. 

Hear, hear!

The mere fact that there is an attempt to censor anyone is proof of the so-called majority’s insecurity.

The only way that the liberty loving majority can prevail is to often and loudly object to tyranny. Those who are afraid and yet still cherish their freedom will learn from our example. These tyrants are cowards. 

Yes, they are. Tyrants are bullies, and bullies are always weak; that’s one reason they hire “enforcers” instead of stalking among us and shooting us themselves. Stand up to them, and they slink away (beware, though: they’ll sic their armed goons on dissidents. Still, as another correspondent confessed, among his favorite moments from the protest on January 6 was watching Congressional caitiffs, who’ve spent careers bossing and harassing us, cowering under their seats in abject terror. Remove their bodyguards and authoritarian trappings, and rulers crumble).

They don’t want to employ violent force really, they want to use intimidation. That’s because the population outnumbers all the police and military combined. They have no legitimate authority. To cross over to full on violence would make that illegitimacy more transparent. Yet, our window of opportunity is quickly closing. 

I agree. Our line in the sand should be the same as the Founding Fathers’: when they come for our guns, when they try to pull a Lexington and Concord, we deliver the war they mean to have. 


10:06 am on January 13, 2021