2021 = 1776

A re-enactor of the Revolutionary War recalls,

When Bush Jr started his little war I was asked to represent the Patriot Rifle Men in a presentation at Camden where a representative of each discipline took the steps, explained their equipment, and their role in the war.

I waited till near the end to gather my thoughts and calm down after a discussion on the justification and moral stance of the new “War On Terror”.

I recognized things were not adding up as the first building was dropping and was angry that nearly everyone thought it was a bunch of rag-heads who had pretty much failed flight-school who did the precision flying.

Same with the events of Jan 6th.

The capital police were able to keep the steps clear if they wanted to….

Anyway, I centered my two minutes on the adoption of Indian fighting tactics of ambush and showing no quarter, the political situation, and my type’s independent and autonomous nature.  Also, being willing to kill the insurgent invaders who had usurped their authority and were killing my country men.  Indicating the Redcoats, Tories, and Hessians around me, I called them a bunch of insurgents and terrorists who will be killed on the battlefield, on the highway, and in their homes, until my country was rid of them.  My Biblical justification was worked in as mine was a war of self-preservation, theirs was a war of imperial conquest.

Basically turned the Bush and company rhetoric into an 18th century perspective.

We should be doing likewise now. 

My correspondent closed with this quote from Revolutionary General John Stark of New Hampshire: “Death is not the worst of evils.”


11:46 am on January 13, 2021

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