Hustle On Up for Your Gene Therapy

Gary from Central Florida points out that COVIDCon’s vaunted “vaccine” is actually gene therapy (is there any aspect of the plandemic that isn’t an outright lie?) and that the Mayo Clinic warns, “Gene therapy involves altering the genes inside your body’s cells in an effort to treat or stop disease. … Researchers are still studying how and when to use gene therapy. Currently, in the United States, gene therapy is available only as part of a clinical trial.”


The Clinic continues,

Gene therapy has some potential risks. 

Clearly, they published this before the plandemic.

A gene can’t easily be inserted directly into your cells. Rather, it usually has to be delivered using a carrier, called a vector.

The most common gene therapy vectors are viruses because they can recognize certain cells and carry genetic material into the cells’ genes. …

This technique presents the following risks:

  • Unwanted immune system reaction. Your body’s immune system may see the newly introduced viruses as intruders and attack them. This may cause inflammation and, in severe cases, organ failure.
  • Targeting the wrong cells. Because viruses can affect more than one type of cells, it’s possible that the altered viruses may infect additional cells — not just the targeted cells containing mutated genes. If this happens, healthy cells may be damaged, causing other illness or diseases, such as cancer.
  • Infection caused by the virus. It’s possible that once introduced into the body, the viruses may recover their original ability to cause disease.
  • Possibility of causing a tumor. If the new genes get inserted in the wrong spot in your DNA, there is a chance that the insertion might lead to tumor formation. …

Currently, the only way for you to receive gene therapy is to participate in a clinical trial.

Dr. Fauxchi with his nationwide boondoggle would beg to differ. Or, as Gary puts it,

The Moderna and Pfizer jabs are in no way a vaccine. You are allowing yourself to be used in an experiment. It is a very dangerous experiment in which no one knows what the outcome will be other than many people will get ill and die. If you don’t get ill or die, you can still get the virus and pass it on to other people. And still need to wear a mask. And all the … scared  morons in this country won’t take 10 minutes to do a search and find out what Gene therapy is. Just complain about not getting it fast enough! Lord help us.

He’s the only One Who can.


6:39 pm on February 10, 2021