“We’re Only Human,” Cops Whine. Au Contraire: Humans Have Hearts and Souls

A badged bully in Buckeye, Arizona “tackled” a 14-year-old boy who suffers from autism “after mistaking his mannerisms for signs of drug use. …The situation escalated quickly” and “left Connor [Leible] with multiple cuts and bruises as well as an ankle injury which his mother says may require surgery. ‘He pushed me down on the grass and he just hit me on the tree, and he tackled me and then he didn’t stop,’ Connor said. ‘It made me feel sad.’”

It makes me feel sad, too, Connor, but at least you survived. That’s more than many of the cops’ victims can claim.

I know readers will be shocked, shocked to learn that when the Buckeye Police Department investigated itself, it “cleared the officer of wrongdoing, finding there was no excessive use of force and because of his training as a drug recognition expert, they determined it was a reasonable stop.” Isn’t that last particularly infuriating? Only in tyrannical dystopias is it “reasonable” for a grown man to beat up a teenaged boy.

Here’s another, equally outrageous insult from the cops: “I hope the family sees that we will learn from this incident and we are human and things are constantly evolving and changing — absolutely — and it’s almost impossible to know and understand every single little piece of every single disorder…”

Imagine offering that same plea–”I’m only human, and heck, the speed limit’s constantly evolving and changing”–the next time these thieving thugs issue you a ticket. Meanwhile, since when is autism a “single little piece”? And excuse me, but if cops are sucking down huge paychecks and extravagant bennies to stalk among us, isn’t it their job “to know and understand every single little piece of every single disorder,” especially before whaling the daylights out of an innocent kid?

Connor’s mother astutely analyzes the cops’ excuse: “They say nothing was wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong, but we’re going to make sure we handle it differently. Why would you need to handle it differently if everything was done correctly the first time?” But then she veers into the naive nonsense most Americans indulge when it comes to uniforms: “The family sent a letter to the Buckeye Police Department asking the officer to apologize and volunteer with the autism community. They also want a guarantee that all officers will get more training.”

Seriously? You think a guy who savages kids merely lacks “training” instead of so much as a shred of decency? Come on, lady. The only way to protect your son and other kids like him is to abolish police. (Thanks to Dan for sending me this story.)



3:24 pm on September 27, 2017