Is It Ok To Collect Money From Government? Yes!

From: J
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 3:35 PM
Subject: Thoughts on collecting unemployment (insurance)
Walter, As a 25 year old entrepreneur who chose not to attend higher ed I’m pleased to say you’ve helped guide my train of thought in the proper direction since the age of 18. Thank you for contributing to the cause! I always loan out (and buy more copies of) defending the undefendable. Over the past 2 years I’ve been with an online marketing business. Last year I generated $150k and was named a 3% equity shareholder. This year I generated $300k and was just let go 2 Fridays ago. (Now that revenue is especially on autopilot) I do recognize it’s the business owners decision and respect that right. I’ve been a little bitter to this company as they owe me 90 days of compensation due to a severance clause we agreed to, along with still needing to make good on the offer of 3%. I was collecting both salary and commission and recognize this company did not terminate me “properly” according to the state rules. What are your thoughts on collecting unemployment (insurance)? I recognize and hold true that it can have the same effect as feeding a wild bear. Not to mention it’s predicated upon the continuance of force through the state, along with being a massive wealth redistribution. Do you hold any positives on it? In good faith, – Joshua

Dear J: Thanks for your kind comments. This is a controversial issue among libertarians. In my view, the less money the government has, the better. Therefore, it is alright, even a mitzvah, to collect unemployment insurance, or social security, etc. However, this applies only to libertarians! See below for my reasoning on all this.

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