Hey CDC! I Dare You!

NEW from Fear Porn Central, excuse me, CDC:

Viral RNA Can Persist For 2 Years After COVID-19: Preprint Study

Hey CDC! (nice artwork btw…since that’s ALL you’ve got…)

I dare you to show us the original study … Or any study that:

1. Shows an isolated virus taken from a sick (defined by specific symptoms) human being ALL BY ITSELF, meaning, Truly Isolated.

2. Isolated the virus WITHOUT creating a chemical cellular soup that is poisoned to create CPE (Cyto-Pathic Effect) cell breakdown.

3. Shows a LIVE virus…(so your not allowed to use an Electron Microscope which only shows dead cellular matter).

4. To prove contagiousness you must then take that SAME ISOLATED PARTICLE .. that what you claim is a virus… And expose another not-sick human being by external exposure and not by injecting it directly into their blood or body tissues.

5. Once exposed, that same exposed person must get ill with the SAME EXACT SYMPTOMS as the first sick person. No cheating…

6. Then a cell sample from the 2nd sick person must be taken and the entire exercise must be repeated. And again repeated.

7. Oh yeah, almost forgot… You have to RUN CONTROLS on the entire exercise.

What’s That?

Can’t do that?

Too much work you say?

Huh.. You say you changed the SCIENTIFIC METHOD?

Oh, I see… You got a MEMO from your BOSSESYeah, those pill and shot pushers that pay your salary who you’re hoping to be in their upper management someday?

They said, Kill ItIt would collapse their profits if everyone found out the REALITY that you’ve NEVER ISOLATED A VIRUS NOR PROVED CONTAGIOUSNESS.


Yeah, I get it.


HEY READER… Do you get it now?

If not yet please read this: The Farewell to Virology

Also, please take a look at this very reasonable proposition:

Let’s SETTLE THIS VIRUS DEBATE once and for all.

To see this proposition please watch this:


3:24 pm on September 21, 2023