It seems like I can’t go to a bar or restaurant without someone inevitably asking me if I’m a Trump supporter (or not).  If the person asking the question is himself a Trump supporter it is usually asked in a hushed tone as if he is worried that an Antifa terrorist might be eavesdropping.  My standard answer is that I am a Hate-o-crat — I hate all politicians of all parties and everything about them all the time.  I also usually add that I think voting is immoral because it only gives “legitimacy” to the empire’s corrupt system of legalized theft (a.k.a., “taxation”), murder (a.k.a. “war”), and Soviet-style regulation and regimentation of our lives.  The Trump supporters kind of like this, whereas the leftists seem terrified, as though I grew Devil’s horns before their very eyes.  Either way, it usually ends the talk of politics with people who want to bait me into defending or attacking Trump when all I want to do is have a cocktail and watch golf or football on TV at the bar.


10:13 am on October 16, 2019