Groping and Groping for ONE Lil Ol’ Pocketknife

Those  of you who’ve suffered a mortifying and painful hands-on, so to speak, experience with the Thieves and Sexual Assailants at airports will remember that the TSA upped the ante this last year:

the pat-downs, starting in March, were more personally intrusive than ever before.The Transportation Security Administration gave screeners additional training, mandated a longer, more thorough search of a person’s body. According to those familiar with the new security tactics, same-sex screeners were given the greenlight to use the front of their hands-on passengers’ breasts and crotches. Cameras set up in public areas of [Denver International Airport], recorded pat-downs lasting as long as two minutes and 20 seconds.

And what did we get for all this gratuitous groping? Not one bloody thing aside from deep humiliation: “None of the searches appeared to result in any finding of a prohibited item.”

Even “a Freedom of Information Act request” that the reporters from Fox News filed “with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security asking for ‘an inventory of all items identified and/or defined as a “weapon” discovered during the physical inspection of a person, otherwise defined as a “pat down”‘” turned up only one, count ‘em, ONE pocketknife.

TSA is chock-full of excuses, of course. But the fact remains that the agency is nothing but a total waste of time and resources. Our time and resources.


6:00 pm on February 2, 2018