Grab a Buddy and Resist!

Monnie’s idea of teaming up against the Vazis—and a totalitarian government in general—was so good that several others had already thought of it!

Jim writes:

My Make Americans Free Again group already has a “buddy system” in Signal that we call the Bat Signal (reminiscent of Batman’s spotlight in the sky). It’s for one purpose and one purpose only – if the health department shows up to close down your business, if you’re about to get arrested for not wearing a muzzle, etc., signal for help and whoever can respond will show up for support. And of course, we’d use it for any forced shots as well. It does take a bit of discipline for the group to not use that particular Signal group for normal discourse, so we police it and make sure it’s only for emergencies.

There are groups around the country (not every state, but we’re working on it) and we have lawsuits filed in federal court in several states. Our group in Kentucky had the first preliminary hearing a couple of weeks ago, and we’re waiting for the judge to rule, hopefully in our favor, so we can get discovery and expose the covid scam for what it is.

And Gerard Stannard reports:

There is such a system. It’s called Peoples’ Rights. Check it out at

Ammon Bundy started the group as a decentralized neighborhood rights defense group. It has around 40,000 members with some in most states last I checked. I joined in June of last year.

In my home state of Washington I have personally responded to urgent requests for help when someone’s rights were being violated. Anything from denial of service for no mask to state actions for businesses defying mandates. Mostly it involves ordinary folks showing up in numbers to record and act as a presence to say we won’t put up with the tyranny. A youtube channel of a friend of mine, Questionable Authority, has captured some of these.

The state coordinator for Washington is Kelli Stewart and her Telegram channel is She has really championed the rights of small business owners and medical kidnapping victims, which there have been many. She has posted several incidents on Ammon Bundy’s channel.

Kudos to all who are actively protecting our freedom! May God richly bless and defend you.


9:13 pm on August 3, 2021