Good – For – Them!! Good – For – Them!!

While Boobus Americanus – and other denizens of the shallow end of the gene pool – eagerly await tomorrow’s outpouring of films about how John Wayne courageously fought to save the back-lot of Republic Pictures from the Japanese hordes, one channel, Encore West, is now showing the greatest libertarian film ever – and one of the best anti-war pictures – “Shenandoah.” Starring Jimmy Stewart, this movie keeps providing anti-state, anti-war rhetoric, so much so that, the first time I saw it (1965?) I kept expecting the Stewart character to break and see the patriotic light: he never does.

I find it amazing that, when I mention this movie to libertarians, a very large number of them have never even heard of it, much less seen it. Should you tire of the war-loving bilge on the other channels, see if Encore West repeats it. If not, go rent a copy and watch it. Neither Confederate flags nor “Stars-and-Stripes” rule the day in this one: it’s all about the individual (and his property) against the state!


12:03 pm on July 3, 2015