God and Zombies at Yale

A former Yale professor and admissions officer, William Deresiewicz has written a controversial New Republic article, “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League.” The original stentorian tract along these lines, God and Man at Yale, was penned by CIA counterfeit conservative William F. Buckley Jr. after completing his snitch work as FBI shill/informant at Yale. It came out while WFB was doing his CIA stint with E. Howard Hunt (future Watergate conspirator) in Mexico. God and Man at Yale, published by Regnery, was revealed as a “vanity press” endeavor, his family (operating as the secretive Catawba Company) financing book’s publication/promotion. Hunt later revealed the CIA subsidized Regnery during this period. Buckley, with intelligence community colleagues James Burnham, Willmoore Kendall, and William J. Casey, went on to found National Review magazine as the premier publication of the CIA’s synthetic “conservative movement” replacing the anti-New Deal-Fair Deal Old Right coalition of Americans opposed to the corporate welfare-warfare state. From Operation Mockingbird in 1948, this ongoing legacy of the CIA and the media still continues today.


10:23 pm on July 28, 2014