More German Women Have Come Forward . . .

. . . to tell the police how they were molested, raped, and robbed by Merkel’s Migrants on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany.  According to the Associated Press report, about 1,000 young men “of Arab or North African origin” descended upon the train station in Cologne.  Small groups surrounded individual women and robbed and molested them.  This included several alleged rapes.  Police reportedly did nothing to stop the attacks.  A German police spokesman said he was “surprised” by the “scale and aggressiveness” of the attacks.  The mayor of Cologne promises to study the issue and “draw consequences from that,” whatever that means.  There must be myriad videos of this from street-cams and cell phones, but it is obviously the policy of the police to ignore it all (maybe making a few token arrests to placate the booboisie) because that would make the former East German Communist Party “youth leader” Merkel look bad.

The German interior minister sternly warned that this should in no way lead anyone in Germany to become critical of Merkel’s policy toward the “migrants.” That would be discriminatory, and there is no greater sin.


9:15 am on January 7, 2016