• Full-Time Cops, Part-Time Convicts

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    Captain Scott Moore and Patrolman Floyd Berger of the Roberta, Georgia police force were recently convicted of making a false report of a crime and sentenced to five consecutive weekends in the Crawford County Jail.

    This arrangement is not all that uncommon; judges will sometimes arrange for sentences to be carried out during the weekends in order for a student to continue with school, or a breadwinner to continue earning a living.

    The difference here is that Moore and Berger, despite being convicted of a crime in which they perjured themselves about a 2007 drug bust, are continuing to serve as law enforcement officers during the work week.

    “There’s no reason not to use them,” insists Roberta Police Chief Jackie Cooper, most likely with a shrug. “Their certification is still intact.”

    (Thanks to Charles Everett for the link.)


    12:29 pm on September 15, 2009