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Leo Higgins wrote me late last night,

Holy crap! I was down there at the rally today, at the Ellipse and the Capitol.  I’m afraid there’s no coming back from this, the old days of just rolling our eyes and wrist-slapping RINOs are probably over, and the Democrats, well…

I just missed the beginning of the storming, having gone to Union Station to warm up for a minute and a bathroom break.  Saw some not good stuff anyway.  Talked to tons of people:  two were in the Senate chamber, and had their own cell phone vids to prove it, a large number supported the action fully but did not take part, and the third type looked a bit bewildered by what just happened.  But no one condemned it, and I thought that was very interesting.

It appears that this all started when word got out that Pence was going to do nothing, and then people heard that and decided to take matters into their own hands.  Pence won’t be elected for dogcatcher now.  He’s all done.  Looks like they’re back in the chambers picking up from Arizona, where they left off.  They clearly have learned nothing from the day’s events, so the RINOS in both houses have committed political hari kari.  Maybe our whole country just did. 

This morning he added, 

It’s just all really starting to sink in.  I think we’re in for an awful time ahead.  JFK:  “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”  Well… this is about to be turned into a lab experiment, I fear.

May God help us turn a “protest” into the Second American Revolution.


11:30 am on January 7, 2021

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