There Are Exploiters, and There are Exploiters

Donald Trump reportedly stated that the mass-killings in Orlando were “just the beginning.” CNN rushed to get the opinion of the Democratic governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, who was very upset with Trump’s words, accusing him of taking advantage of this atrocity. In the next sentence, Hickenlooper went into the Establishment spiel about how this savage occurrence showed the need for increased gun control laws! So, who is taking advantage of this slaughter to advance their political agenda?

Thanks to the effectiveness of the conditioning of minds by the mainstream media and academia – both of which are controlled by Establishment interests – there has long been a mindset that so-called “liberal” policies and statist ideology represent some “objective” standard of “truth” and “morality.” Statist voices take advantage of the indoctrination they have helped to inculcate, expecting to hear consensus-based opinions parroted back to them. Thus, intelligent minds are expected to embrace the purpose of disarming members of the public with the same assurance that they accept the “truth” that “8” is the “square root of 64.” But the ends advanced by the statists are purely subjective in nature. They have not the sense of certitude that can be illustrated by having recourse to simple arithmetic or the multiplication tables, nor are the statists open to empirical studies or economic analyses to validate their mandates. I can understand why the statists prefer to disarm the public – as did the framers of the Bill of Rights who included the 2nd Amendment in its list on inviolable principles. Even the governor of Colorado must know that the foolish babbling from all the 2016 presidential candidates have their roots in the kinds of questions that the political Establishment has long sought to keep from arising in well-trained minds.


6:39 pm on June 19, 2016