Our Ever-Lovin’ Lawmen

It’s no wonder those who live by the sword die by it: they lack a heart pumping blood or even ice water. Witness these two incidents from the constabulary.

First, a “hot dog vendor” named Juan committed the unpardonable sin of “selling hot dogs without first paying to obtain permission from the government to do so.” A cop determined to end this crime-spree. Proclaiming that “this is law and order in action,” the badged bully not only “helped himself to some the vendor’s hard-earned money” but snatched Juan’s wallet as well (yeah, I know: preventing such larceny is supposedly why we have cops in the first place. Tell it to your statist friends). The customer Juan was then serving filmed this tyranny and theft with his cell-phone; the footage went viral. Mr. Good Guy also “started a GoFundMe page to help the vendor with ‘personal, legal and professional matters.’ He called the campaign ‘OfficialJustice4Juan&StreetVendors.’” So far the drive has raised $70,000. “If cops have ever wondered why they have such horrible relations with the public, look no further than this incident. And based on the amount of money this GoFundMe campaign has already raised, many are siding with Juan.” About time, I’d say. (And thanks to Bill Martin for sending me this story.)

Second, as Hurricane Irma menaced Florida,

a county sheriff [offered] a warm bed to anyone wanted by law enforcement: in the county jail. “If you go to a shelter for #Irma and you have a warrant, we’ll gladly escort you to the safe and secure shelter called the Polk County Jail,” the Polk County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. … In a series of tweets, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office urged people to prepare for the storm, and said that if they did go to a shelter they would find deputies there checking IDs. …a spokeswoman told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper the ID checks will allow residents to feel the shelters are safe and encourage higher turnout.

Sorry. That snort you heard came from me. 

“We hope it actually leads to more people turning themselves in,” the [pigs’] spokeswoman, Carrie Horstman, told the paper.

I’ll take whatever Carrie’s smokin’, ‘cause she’s way, way out there, eons removed from reality.


Some Twitter users responded with shock, saying it was inhumane to deny anyone shelter during dangerous conditions.

Yep. The State specializes in, concentrates on, and does inhumanity better than anyone else anywhere, hands down.



9:23 pm on September 13, 2017