Enemy’s General Orders Troops To Cut Holes in Their Uniforms

Ohioans wonder whether their Comrade-in-Chief, Mike DeWack—sorry, DeWine or his mask is more intelligent. DeWack only furthered the controversy when he “issued some preliminary guidance for performing arts programs to resume in the wake of COVID-19”: it may be the stupidest bit of gratuitous advice in the history of government. To wit,

Musicians playing certain instruments should consider wearing a mask with a small hole in it while they play

Even better, DeWack doesn’t seem to realize he’s tacitly admitting that the whole mask-thing is bogus. 

Given that the State prosecutes war, absurdities abound in any conflict. But the one over masks boasts more than its fair share. LRC’s readers have once again shared highlights from their battles, ridiculous and otherwise. 

David Knecht and his wife 

went to our local indoor gun range for some Labor Day plinking. What a delight to see a sign on the door forbidding face masks, which makes sense at a gun range. But where else would you see such a spectacle in 2020?

Here’s hoping such notices spread! In fact, why not post one on your home’s front door? 

James Nellis is a member of Michigan’s “Great Unmasked” Brigade. He 

was walking through my local Kroger and crossed paths with a rather large “human” specimen, i.e. fat, who advised me to “Wear a mask!” As he waddled away, I asked him, “Why would I do that?” His response was, “Because it’s the law.” I pointed out that wasn’t true and was prepared to educate him, when he dropped his next talking point, “It’s the courteous thing to do.” Perfect, this gave me the opportunity to employ my new favorite quote.  “The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.”  (Robert Anton Wilson)  Plus, I said it loud enough for the other masked morons to hear. The funny thing is that I’ve been waiting for this moment and practicing in my head how to handle the situation when it popped up.

An excellent tactic!

In a slightly perverse way I actually relished the moment. I’m simply not going to bow down to these wannabe tyrants and will stand up for my rights. 

As should we all.

In Missouri, Ms. Anonymous suffered a car accident a few weeks ago. She reports,

When I was in rehab, I would ask the nurses if they thought this “pandemic” was no worse than a regular flu and the lockdowns were not necessary.  No one disagreed with me and some agreed that it was a “hoax”. They were all wearing masks by edict of the State. … My five therapists were always wearing masks, even when they visited my home.  Told them that I sure wouldn’t recognize them if I met them on the street without a mask.

She continued with general news from her small town:

the high school held a normal football game – fans sitting close together in the stands.  We lost 36 to 6.  

I daresay defeat was easier to bear with friends nearby.

But I went to the P. O. yesterday to buy stamps  – plastic barriers were up and the workers were wearing masks.  In all the areas where the State stays out of our business, [my town] is getting back to normal.  … Our local stores encourage the wearing of masks but … at least half the customers don’t and nobody kicks them out.  … I read about something being noticed by dentists called “mask mouth” – terrible bad breath plus cavities and gum disease in patients who had never before had these problems. Our “leaders” are stuck with pushing the reality of the “pandemic” because if they admit the whole thing is a hoax, they will look like the idiots they really are.  Maybe the sheeple are waking up – I hope so.

Bill Detzner lives 

In “The People’s Republic of Miami-Dade County,” …[where]  the local Fuhrer (I mean mayor) has decreed that all serfs … have to have their temperature taken every time they use a gym, even a privately owned gym. My attitude was “like hell I will,” but after a few months I missed my exercise class so much that I caved in and after being told I would not be admitted without a temperature check at the front entrance, I submitted. It was a very humiliating experience for me. Once inside, I got yet another shock. Everyone inside the prison block (I mean the YMCA) was wearing a mask, even while lifting weights. Again, the Fuhrer/Mayor has decreed it. My “like hell I will” attitude kicked in and I told the prison guards at the front door that I was cancelling my gym membership, effective immediately, and I cited the mandatory temperature check and mask wearing as my reasons. The two prison guards at the front desk arrogantly told me that no matter which gym I used in “the People’s Republic of Miami-Dade County” those were the rules. My reply was that in that case, I intend to never again visit a gym. 

Just to be clear, not using a gym for exercise  to maintain both my health and sense of well being is more than offset by possibly avoiding  a disease that has just about finished running its course and has killed .03% of the US population, right?

Bingo. Let’s hear it for Our Asinine Rulers!

In San Francisco, Andy

stopped with the scary facemask look after [just] one day – too hot and need to show my face for liberty.  Maskless before and ever since. 

Things are improving somewhat.  Yesterday, Walmart manager, who denied entry 5-6 weeks ago without exception, just looked at me as I entered the store and didn’t say a word.  Walmart has gotten better the past month.  But I’m still the only maskless inside.  Afterwards, went to bank, nobody questioned me, though that is the last place anyone should wear face covering for obvious reasons and federal law.  

I live in the super liberal Bay Area where they worship the face diaper. Most of the time I can go to the stores without any harassment.  A customer challenged me last week and I told him to shut up.  He complained to the cashier and nothing happened.  I was also recorded by angry “Karen” and threatened to be exposed on social media, not that I cared, do it.  …

I also think with certain people, the wearing of the face diaper in public (especially outdoors and inside their vehicles) is a political statement against Trump.  Libtards!

Indeed! They are cutting off—or covering over—their noses to spite their faces. Then again, if Pelosi and Schumer are average-looking libtards, perhaps “wearing is caring” after all. 

Alexander Paulsen in Florida has

not worn a  mask since this started. I refuse, If I need a mask to enter your business then I do not need what you are offering.

My philosophy too!

I had a blood work appointment at the Mayo Clinic, they initially refused to let me  in, I used the ADA, I told them I was exempt. The guard still refused to get out of my way and asked me what disability I had.  I also told them that he is not allowed to ask and it was against federal law to ask, and I said the fines for this are pretty heavy and they would against him personally. He hesitated for a moment, but like any good soldier following orders he insisted on asking me. I told him “Chronic and acute FBS” [functioning brain syndrome].  He looked like he wanted ask ask what FBS was but didn’t want to appear stupid. He let me in.

I went to BJ’s Wholesale Club yesterday, As I walked in they said I was “required” to wear a mask. I used the same dodge, ADA exempt.  They didn’t even ask twice. There was one other in the store with no mask, I asked him how he got past the gestapo at the door, He told me he had it on but took it off right away as soon as he got past the entrance. I shared my dodge, he laughed and told me that he would do the same from then on.

This is close to being actually fun.

Rick in Oregon savors 

a little restaurant in my town that serves up really great food and they’ve done their best to survive this pandemic by staying open the entire period of governor Kate Brown’s hysterical proclamations. For a while it was take-out only and now the establishment has opened to sit-down customers.

When we don’t feel like cooking, we often call in orders and have done so partly due to our desire to help a local business survive. I’ve gone to pick up orders maskless since April and they have never given me the tiniest bit of grief about it but the staff wears masks due to health department threats.

Well, last night they were giving 50% of the night’s proceeds to a family … [whose] home had burned down.

We called in our order and rather than the 20 minutes usually required, this time we were told it would be 30-45 minutes because they were so busy. When I arrived 35 minutes later, the restaurant was packed with maskless patrons. And not just because they were eating. Nobody even had masks around their necks. Except the staff. They were serving patrons masked. Again, the health Nazi’s kept them paranoid. But of course, they didn’t bother me at all for walking in maskless.

I remarked how great it was, that it looked like I had walked into normal again as they brought my order. There were two young women at the counter and without any more prompting started talking about how tired they were of wearing masks themselves.

One told me, “I give compliance six more months,” in response to my remark that this plandemic is over. “We won’t be seeing a big surge this fall, because this thing is going to run its course before flu season starts,” I said.

They agreed but told me that Brown’s health Nazis have a “three year plan,” to keep this hysteria going.

THREE YEARS???!!!! What, are they more deranged than even we suspected?

But I took the words out of Rick’s mouth:

Three years! Well they weren’t having any of it and we got to talking about how they had been getting rashes and headaches from wearing masks. My Mother works at the local library and is also forced to wear a mask even though they are not allowing more than one person at a time to enter the library. My mom complies as little as possible and still her face chafes and turns red where her mask irritates the skin. 

The remarkable thing to me was that these young women were not speaking under their breath, they were loudly claiming that they had reached the end of their ropes. No way were they going to sit by and continue obeying beyond six months and they were predicting that the general public was also done with this nonsense. Judging by the packed tables and lack of masks, I think they are probably correct. And I think the more that maskless success is promoted and exposed, it will only happen sooner than they expect.

Americans cherish “democracy” and the illusion that we are all equal, not just before the law but in every respect. Yet increasingly, workers muzzle themselves while those at leisure waltz about with free faces.

More fodder for the impending revolution?


12:03 pm on September 9, 2020

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