Laurence, the Eisenhower administration was consciously designed by the northeastern seaboard Rockefeller/Morgan Establishment to preserve and enhance the New Deal-Fair Deal’s welfare-warfare State. This was “Modern Republicanism” in action. Major operatives such as Henry Cabot Lodge, the Dulles brothers, Henry Luce, Winthrop W. Aldrich, Thomas Dewey, Prescott Bush, Sherman Adams, Tex McCray, and C. D. Jackson were enlisted in this unsavory effort. The Eisenhower forces employed both overt and covert coercive means such as blackmail, intimidation, and fraud to obtain the 1952 GOP nomination against the non-interventionist champion of the Old Right Robert Taft. (See chapter 8 of this book for a brief summary of these dirty tricks efforts.) These electoral shenanigans were a bitter foretaste of the duplicitous “regime change” covert actions of the CIA under Allen Dulles yet to come. To circumvent the local Republican Party apparatus mostly controlled by Taft supporters, the Eisenhower forces created a nationwide network of grass-roots clubs, “Citizens for Eisenhower.” Independents and Democrats were welcome, as the group specialized in canvassing neighborhoods and holding small group meetings. Citizens for Eisenhower hoped to revitalize the GOP by expanding its activist ranks and by supporting “moderate” and “internationalist” policies. It did not endorse candidates other than Eisenhower.

For four interesting interpretations of the Eisenhower administration see, Murray N. Rothbard, Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy (see chapters “Rockefeller, Morgan, and War;”  and “The Guatemalan Coup”); Philip H. Burch, Jr., Elites in American History: The New Deal to the Carter Administration (see chapter 4 “The Eisenhower Administration”); Nomi Prins, All the President’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power (see chapter 10, “The 1950s: Eisenhower’s Buds, Cold War, Hot Money”); and Robert Welch, The Politician (see especially chapter 11 “The Modern Republican,” and chapter 16 “Associates and Appointments”).


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