Edward Moore Kennedy, Limousine Socialist

I don’t suppose we’re in for Tim Russert-intense public obsequies over the next month, though I could be wrong. Kennedy could be the device Obama uses to try to pass fully fascist “healthcare.” Already, of course, Kennedy is being hailed as a man who always put the state and its interests first, and I am sure he did. “He reached across the aisle” to expand the state. Yep. I only met him once, at my father’s club in Boston, during an appearance by Jack (and Bobby and Teddy) during Jack’s easy 1958 reelection campaign for senate. My impression then, and my impression now, was that Jack was smart, Bobby was very smart, and Teddy was stupid. So who was running him all these years?

UPDATE from Alvin Plummer:

The Village Voice ‘quoted‘ you in the story, “Rightbloggers Observe Kennedy’s Passing Pretty Much the Way You Would Expect,”  pretty much the way you would expect: “Teddy was stupid,” memorializes Lew Rockwell. “So who was running him all these years?” Of course, I’m sure the Right will also massage your words when it suits their purposes.  However, they tend to be less sanctimonious about it – they express their nastiness in a different style.


9:36 am on August 26, 2009