Don’t Thank This Veteran for His Service

In response to someone who thanked him for his service, a veteran (and LRC reader) wrote the following to him and forwarded it to me:

I am a veteran and thank you for the sincere acknowledgement. Frankly I find much of veteran worshiping in the media today to be over the top. In the case of the NFL games today I found their presentations and “special” veterans tributes to be both patronizing and disingenuous. I am proud of my time served and just having the opportunity to wear the uniform was enough satisfaction for me. I had a job to do and I faithfully and dutifully executed my duties. I’m no hero and just because you wear a uniform does not automatically grant you hero status. Nor do I expect any special favors or discounts for simply doing my duty. I respect and admire all Americans, veterans and non veterans, that have worked hard in their occupations to protect and provide for their families, communities and country.

Posted with permission.


9:21 pm on November 12, 2018