More Disorder Ahead

Trust in government is very low. Trust declines sharply when disorder rises, and wars signal disorder, showing that the government has failed to keep the peace. Most people like and want peace. That’s when they make more money and are safer. Fewer people like and promote wars, but this group includes powerful and influential people who way too often get their way.

A new bout of disorder is at hand. One source is a Democratic Inquisition being born in the House of Representatives. The target is Donald Trump. A long fight may ensue, bringing divided government to the fore. Disorder will rise as the stock market goes bearish and the economy peaks and declines. The FED is tightening, merely by letting its massive bond portfolio mature without re-investing the proceeds. Trump publicly scolded Chairman Powell, adding to the disorder. Sadly, mass murder events are on the rise, creating an uneasy environment of fear. The same goes for mass civil disturbances like those of Antifa. Trump seems anxious to dial down wars in Yemen and Afghanistan, but miscalculations elsewhere are a risk. The Persian Gulf and the Iran-Saudi dissonance create a hot spot. Trump is a complex agent of change as he re-orders America’s world position. The media attack and distort his actions relentlessly, making the media a notable source of current disorder.

Americans could stand a break. More disorder will itself generate disorder from those seeking to take advantage of the confusion. But the main effect will be that voters will seek candidates who promise to put things right and soothe the troubled waters.


8:40 am on November 13, 2018