Donald Trump, Syria, Afghanistan

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Subject: Donald Trump, Jeffrey Tucker and you and Nick Gillespie

Dr Block,

First, I wish to congratulate you on your presentation opposite Nick Gillespie. Now, however, you may scorn me as a rank gossip monger but over on Jeffrey Tucker’s Facebook page – where he has been a non-stop Trump basher of, to my mind, a very hysterical sort – he posted, “From day one to now, all I heard from Trump was rhythm of goose steps on hard pavement”. Since I find your view that Trump is preferable to Hillary as he is less likely to start a nuclear war very persuasive, and Gary Johnson has no chance, I responded, “I guess you utterly reject Walter Block’s perspective”. Tucker came back, exclaiming, “yes preposterous”. No attempt made to explain why; just a hostile assertion. In fact, having discovered some AnCap Facebook pages, there are large segments of AnCaps, mostly new to the philosophy, who are very snide and condescending towards anyone who doesn’t adhere to their no voting mantra. I myself don’t vote (perhaps as I escaped the US decades ago) but when faced with the annihilation of humanity with Hillary it seems a bit rich of them to smear libertarian voters as statists” which they frequently do. M

Dear M: Thanks for your kind remarks. I attach my debate on the 2016 election with Nick Gillespie of the Reason Foundation below. See, also, a biblio on voting.

The Donald ran in 2015, almost on a peace platform. It was almost as if Ron Paul was one of his behind-the-scenes advisors. Was he then channeling Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard? No. He wasn’t perfect. But, compared to Hillary, he was a saint. Now, thank God he is pulling troops out of Syria, and reducing their numbers in Afghanistan. May he long continue on this path.

If the war mongers are so intent upon staying in Syria, and boosting troop levels in Afghanistan, they have a perfectly Constitutional method of achieving their goals. All one of these chicken hawks, of whom there are many, need do is table of Declaration of War in Congress. Why are they so heavily wailing and gnashing their teeth against the only president we now have, instead of taking up this alternative path? Could it be because the US public is heartily sick of endless wars all over the planet and they full well know it? Just asking.

Jeffrey Tucker was once upon a time a libertarian; and a good one. It is sad that he no longer is. He was once upon a time willing to explain, debate, intellectually defend his positions. It is sad that he no longer is willing to do so.

November 1, 2016. NYC. Soho Forum
go here,; then here: (the debate starts at the 19 minute mark)

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