The Donald and the Deep State

The Deep State is not monolithic or homogeneous but is composed of many seemingly disparate elements or competing factions united by their systemic base criminality under the phony rubric of “national security.” It is therefore not unusual to find that Trump is allegedly interconnected to unsavory “underworld” and “overworld” elements within this predatory nexus from his decades of business dealings in casinos, hotels, resorts, beauty pageants, etc. Organized crime syndicate infiltration of labor unions and vendors in these service industries is well known, as well as in money laundering, narcotics, or prostitution. Within the sordid circles in New York and Las Vegas he frequents, they are as plentiful as the pathogenic bacteria in the DC sewers members of Congress, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Executive branch swill and soak in. Every president since FDR to Obama has been tainted with such criminal associations. I think Trump is viewed as an outlier or dangerous loose cannon to the statist old guard elites who see his enormous ego, hubris, and independence of mind as threatening to their rackets. Surrounding himself with people like Gingrich or other vermin doesn’t make him more endearing, only different from the vermin in the Clinton camp. The Clinton ties to epic criminality and predation are thoroughly documented but under-reported by the regime media in thrall to their Deep State suzerains.


10:43 pm on October 8, 2016