Democratic Socialists and the Garden

Jabari Brisport is the Democratic socialist running to represent part of Brooklyn in the New York state Senate. He’s discussing democratic socialism:

“It’s about freeing up people to truly experience all the joys in life by making sure they don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to keep their home from month to month, or whether or not they’ll be able to pay for health care when they get sick. It’s about freeing people from all the existential havoc that capitalism wreaks on us, and allowing them to truly thrive.”

There is a Garden of Eden that everybody has missed, especially the capitalists. It’s a secret garden with a secret entrance. No one who finds the secret entrance and wanders inside has to worry about shelter, clothing, food, internet connections, health, medicine, education, or anything else like that. These goods and services magically appear in sufficient amounts to free up people so that they can truly experience the joys in life. Work is not a joy in life and no one works in the Garden or has to work. All is provided and everyone is provided for. There is no need for responsibility for oneself.

The democratic socialists, the ones with the blue hats and shirts know the way in to the Garden. They are kind and care about you. All you have to do is vote for them. A vote for Alexandria Octavia-Cortez and for Brisport may get you a key to the door. The people with the red hats and shirts are capitalists. They are mean. They want you to work and be responsible. They start fires by letting the planet get too hot. They want to burn down the Garden, the meanies. Our socialism, say AOC and Brisport, is not the same as that in Venezuela and Cuba, and not like any other socialism you’ve ever seen. Ours is democratic. This means we can run inside the Democratic Party and not have to gain ballot access by ourselves. It means we can shift the Democratic Party to democratic socialism, that is, Garden of Eden politics and economics.

AOC and Brisport agree that democratic socialism has Principles. The main one is to gain power. For some reason, they won’t let anyone into the Garden until they gain power. If they are so kind, why not just unlock the door now? Who needs power and politics when everyone can roam the Garden and supply what one needs without sweat or tears? Well, not everything. There are still many drives and motives that free ice cream and a free pair of shoes do not satisfy.

Why is it that it would be foolish to believe these two socialists or any socialists, for that matter?


6:38 pm on September 15, 2020