Learning from Immigrants

Inspired by Psalm 2 in Action, Mr. Anonymous reports that his

girlfriend attended a church in … CA … with no anti-social measures, indoors. She sought this church out, per her text:

I was looking for a Church that would stand for Our Creed, believing that what we receive is the Body of Christ, that is, the Body of God made flesh; specifically, His Heart, that is, His Essence, that is: All of Him… Therefore, we cannot receive it in the hands, as if it was any food, NO MATTER IF WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC, IN THE MIDDLE OF WAR or under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE even if our physical lives would be threatened … And this Parish is doing things right, according with our faith. …

AMEN! Behold the stuff of martyrs! And how refreshing it is, as opposed to the usual and oh-so-nauseating, “But Romans 13!  And better to be safe than Godly.”

Anyway, she seems to have found a church that is functioning properly in these improper times. To my knowledge this church has had no illegal threats from the tyrants and their minions. It is in a primarily [ethnic] part of town. I suspect that has something to do with the lack of busy bodies reporting on religious establishments. 

How unspeakably shameful that Americans, whose forbears so understood and prized freedom that they fought a Revolution for it, now rat out dissidents while immigrants (and no doubt “illegal” ones at that) shun the State!


3:51 pm on September 15, 2020