Criticisms of Milton Friedman from An Austro-Libertarian Perspective.

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Subject: “Deserver has nothing to do with it.” Clint Eastwood. Milton Friedman on your description of Hayek in your new book

“Deserve has nothing to do with it.” Clint Eastwood in “Unforgiven”

“He (Hayek) deserves better than your self-satisfied diatribe.” Milton Friedman on page 56 of your new book “Property Rights, The Argument for Privatization”.

Dear Walter,

I am continuing to enjoy reading your new book.

Block, Walter E. 2019. Property Rights: The Argument for Privatization. Palgrave Macmillan;

It is very well written and thought provoking. Your correspondence with Milton Friedman is fascinating. Didn’t MF come up with the withholding tax during WWII that remains with us today? I truly dislike the withholding tax and the men who installed that form of slavery over me during my working days.

I also truly loathe the words “deserves”. As Clint shows in his movie “Unforgiven”, the word and idea of “deserves” is socialist bullshit! If there is one thing I’ve learned in living my life it is that “Deserve has nothing to do with it.”

Thanks again for writing the book. Friedman is a dick imo.

Dear T:

Thanks for your kind comments.

Here’s some more criticisms of Milton (I think your comment is way to harsh):

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