Criticisms of Hans Hoppe from An Austro-Libertarian Perspective

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just wanted to note that neither murray or paul think their abortion position violates the NAP (one or both may be wrong). . but Hoppe deliberately and repeatedly advocates violating the NAP to maintain stability of a libertarian society. that is a FUNDAMENTAL difference. hoppe doesn’t even bother to claim that he is not violating the NAP. that’s as non-libertarian as you can get.

btw – did you ever publish your review of hoppe’s booklet? :

Hoppe can’t possibly be so dumb as to think that calling for “the forcible removal of certain individuals from society based on what they think” is not a violation of the NAP. but of course, he is a german so …

and i’m referring to your 2019 review of his 2018 “getting libertarianism right”

and how anyone can write a forward to a book entitled “white, right and libertarian” is totally beyond me.the title shouts out ‘racist’. dispicable

On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 2:33 PM Walter Block <> wrote:

Dear Richard:

I don’t think that Hans thinks that his position violates the NAP. I think he thinks that his viewpoint supports the NAP.

I think you’re referring to my publication of 2004:

Block, 1998, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011A, 2011B; Block and Barnett, 2010; Block, Barnett and Salerno, 2006; Block and Callahan. 2003; Gregory and Block. 2007.

Let me just say that although Hans and I disagree on a number of points in Austrian economics and libertarian theory, I think his contribution to both fields is nothing short of magnificent. I compare him to J.S. Bach, one of my favorite composers: beautiful, inexorable, logical, coherent, creative, brilliant.

Here, however, are my published criticisms of him:

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