COVIDCon = Ebola

Linda June points out that even the most hysterical of the Masked Morons doesn’t take the pandemic seriously:

If we were talking about ebola and not a mere flu bug that is proving pretty mild, would any one of those masked minions trust their lives to a silly piece of cloth, anti-social distancing and hand sanitizer?


No way. No freaking way. And why not? Because they instinctively know those things don’t REALLY stop viruses from virusing.

And she’s right. In 2008, I researched and wrote about quarantines and whether the State may justly impose them. (Ahem: the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!) It seems that when a deadly disease is raging, no one must order anyone to stay inside away from others, much less “mandate” such common sense. When people feel threatened, they naturally shun the danger.

Ergo, to impress “the mask nazis” with their own absurdity, Linda suggests we,

start asking [them] if covid is equal to ebola and see what they say. I’m sure the sputtering responses will be quite informative.


11:07 am on December 22, 2020