COVID Makes a Clean Sweep, But Conservatives Cling to The Old, Failed Model

David Mueller notes that

conservatives have complained for decades about the state of government schools in America.

Covid-19 shut government schools down.

Praise God.

Now it is conservatives who are demanding that government schools reopen. All the talk radio so-called conservatives are insisting that the schools be reopened because kids are so unlikely to get covid. That may be, but it is no reason to reopen government schools.

Conservatives should be pushing home-school curriculum. This is the single greatest opportunity to change the direction of schooling for generations of kids to come. But what are conservatives doing?  “We need government schools to reopen.”

Conservatives invariably conserve Big Government. It never fails. They don’t want to shut down social security, medicare or any of that. They want to conserve it. Mark my words, eventually conservatives will be conserving same sex marriage.  

They’re already halfway there: behold how many “conservative” churches cite the CDC, which promotes sodomy and transgenderism, to justify their COVIDiocy.


8:03 pm on July 19, 2020