Correspondence with a Young Man from Morocco

From: B
Sent: Wed 7/5/2017 11:10 AM
Subject: Learning Praxeology, Austrian Economics

Greetings Mr. Block, My name is B, a 26-years-old from Morocco. After failing couple of small businesses I realized how complex the world is, stopped everything, went back to my room and tried to learn how choices, people, economics, works, I felt lost and nothing made sens to me till I’ve discovered the Austrian School of economics. Learning and reading about economics the Austrian way changed m life forever, it changed the way I deal with people, the way I live, the way I see things, the way I explain the world. I felt an extraordinary enlightenment, and knew that I will never be the same again. Getting deep into Human Action and Praxeology led me to my first conversion, from Socialism to Libertarianism, and then, I had my second conversion from Libertarianism to Anarcho-Capitalism, and it feels just AMAZING. Now I wanna learn more about Austrian Economics “the radical way” and I consider you maybe the best Economist alive, I feel that Austrian Economics could not just explain things better, further more, it could really change completely the way we master economics, and to be honest, I have no interest at all in main stream economics, I feel that main stream economics is just bullshit, even if I have a technological training and I was trained to become a “positivist”, and I have a deep belief that Austrian Economics and especially Praxeology could be the science of the future, Artificial Intelligence is eating the economy and only a clear precise understanding of the Humain Action could be help entrepreneurs, economists and philosophers. I’m emailing you to ask you if there is any way to learn from you, by joining your university or attempting any program you’re animating, I really wanna learn from you personally. Thank you for your amazing talks, and thank you for reading my email. B

Dear B:

Thanks for your kind words. What academic degrees do you already have? High school graduation? College degree?

Best regards,


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From: B
Sent: Wed 7/5/2017 11:30 AM
To: Walter Block
Subject: Re: Learning Praxeology, Austrian Economics

1000 Thanks Mr. Block for answering my email.

I have something like an Associate’s degree in general engineering, I don’t know exactly how the academic system works in the U.S. but it’s technically 2 successful years after High School, we follow the French academic system here in Morocco.

But trust me Mr. Block I’ve watched thousands of hours of Mises Institute’s video and read almost all the popular works of Rothbard, Mises, some of yours because I couldn’t buy them all, read almost all of the free e-books out there about Austrian Economics from Menger’s to Hoppe’s and Murphy’s, and I have no problem starting from the beginning.

Thank you again Mr. Block, I still can’t believe you answered me. B

Dear B:

Enroll at Loyola U and take courses with me and my free enterprise colleagues:

Block, Walter E. 2017. “C’mon Down To New Orleans; The Water’s Fine. Enroll at Loyola University.” June 27;

C’mon Down To New Orleans; The Water’s Fine. Enroll at Loyola University

If you’ve passed deadlines for admission, I’ll try to help you overcome them.

Best regards,


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