Confirmed: Secret Belligerent Foreign Intelligence Service Manipulated U. S. Presidential Election

In the midst of all the CIA and regime media falderal concerning Russian manipulation of the 2016 presidential election, LRC readers should not forget an earlier documented example of invasive intervention by a belligerent foreign intelligence service in a US presidential election. Read the shocking story below which names names and documents this duplicity by covert agents of a foreign intelligence service which was once the prime enemy of the United States.

Everyone should carefully study the 1940 GOP Presidential Convention and its “dark horse” nominee Wendell Willkie. The world was at war in Europe. The Republicans held an “open convention” in Philadelphia. There were two non-interventionist candidates, former president Herbert Hoover and Ohio Senator Robert Taft (Ron Paul’s mentor). Thomas Dewey of New York represented the Rockefeller forces, Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan (another prominent non-interventionist who was “turned” by covert female British agents), several other lesser candidates, and Willkie (covertly chosen by Thomas W. Lamont of the House of Morgan, FDR, and by British Intelligence).

The story is laid out in full in Thomas E. Mahl’s brilliant book, Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44, in chapter 8, “We Want Willkie.”

Justin Raimondo reviews the book here.

William Jasper discusses the Willkie nomination here.

Was Taft supporter Ralph E. Williams, who headed the committee on arrangements, murdered, allowing Sam Pryor of the Willkie forces to secretly get control of the convention through its credentials process? Pryor latter sabotaged Herbert Hoover’s impassioned anti-FDR, non-interventionist speech to the convention delegates by deliberately installing a defective microphone which distorted and drowned out his address. He also isssued fake duplicate tickets to the gallery to pack them with hired Willkie supporters.

Read the Mahl book, one of the most important (and revealing) I have ever read.


7:52 pm on December 16, 2016