Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth

Being that today is celebrated from coast to coast as Columbus Day, what day is better to chose to again explode the hoary myth that Christopher Columbus sailed his epic voyage from Spain in order to prove that the Earth was spherical and not flat like conventional, orthodox belief of learned authorities held. And the best place to turn for a delightful and enriching historical account of this event is from the great Tom Woods, in the first episode of his classic TV series, The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization. For many of you, this may be a little known aspect of the wonderful and engaging Woods you have not encountered before. Tom – heroically – courageously – methodically – diligently – and definitively created one of the most epic educational series ever broadcasted. Watch all thirteen episodes, and purchase and read the insightful book he authored which served as the scholarly basis of the series, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization.


5:06 pm on October 11, 2021

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