Clinton Boomlet

On Predictit, Clinton has risen to $0.10 (9:1 odds of being nominated.) Warren has fallen significantly to $0.36 (1.78:1 odds). Biden is holding at $0.22 (3.5:1). Buttigieg’s at $0.15, Sanders at $0.13 and Yang at $0.09. Clinton’s move places her now at the low end of the latter three, who have been distinctly behind the front-runners for quite some time.

Warren’s decline of about $0.16 from the 50 cent area owes partly to Clinton’s rise of about $0.06, but the rest is spread among the field. Her decline apparently comes from rising rejection of her due to her lengthy menu of extreme proposals, her pregnancy fiasco, and her inability to address costs of her proposals.

Clinton’s spat with Tulsi seems to have been taken as a signal that she’s open to being nominated. Bloomberg at $0.04 (24:1) has also chipped away at Warren’s lead.

Trump is predicted at this time to be impeached in his first term, $0.75 yes (1:3 odds). By the end of 2019? The betting there is $0.58 yes and $0.42 no. The number of impeachment articles shapes up as follows: (none, $0.25), (one, $0.16), (two, $0.29), (three, $0.18), (four, $0.12), and (five or more, $0.16).


8:21 am on October 23, 2019